Frequently Asked

Here’s What Most People Are Wondering

Please tell me more about Elepay the company?

The Elepay business is conducted by Elevare Pay Easy Pty Ltd, an Australian privately-owned company which is part of the Elevare Pay Easy Group.

Elevare Pay Easy Pty Ltd provides a deferred payment solution and Buy Now Pay Later solution for participants in the Australian property industry. The executive team of the Elevare Pay Easy Group have been involved within the deferred payment solution and Buy Now Pay Later industry since the category was established in 2014. Elepay’s suite of products have been designed and approved by professional experts to ensure that they comply with all relevant legal requirements and standards.

I’m a property owner, how can Elepay help me?

Elepay is in the business of providing property owners more time to manage untimely property expenses. So, if you are looking for more time and some additional funds, then we have the perfect solution for you.

Application and approval takes less than an hour.

How much can I borrow and over what period?

Elepay offers a suite of pay later products to suit all property owners. If you haven’t already, check out our product page and trial the Elepay calculators to see what payment period works best for you.

Elepay60: 5 x payments | 60 days | Up to $15,000

Elepay140: 10 x payments | 140 days | Up to $20,000

Elepay107: 1 x payment | 107 days | Up to $50,000

What’s the Elepay application process like?

It’s fast and very simple. The process is seamless and extremely user friendly – and takes less than 5 minutes. Best of all, our team approves all property owners in less than an hour, so you can be on your way.

Where do the Elepay funds get distributed?

Elepay60: Authorised Partner or Property Owner

Elepay140: Authorised Partner

Elepay170: Authorised Partner

An authorised partner is a designated company which has entered into agreement with Elepay to offer pay later services to its customers (property owners). Elepay has over 250 partnerships across Australia offering property owners the opportunity to pay later on any property expense.

Are there any restrictions on where the Elepay funds need to be invested?

If you are a property owner, we’re guessing the list is endless. As long as the funds are being spent on your property or investment property, then it’s completely up to you how and when you spend the funds.

What if I'm a property owner who needs funds but don't know of an authorised Elepay partner, can you still help?

Absolutely, Elepay is 100% committed to helping property owners manage untimely expenses. If you are a property owner and you need more time and more funding, contact us and we will support you.

What if I’m a Business owner who has customers which are property owners, how can Elepay help me?

Becoming an authorised partner of Elepay is fast, simple and a great decision.  Fill in the contact form and our support team will reach out within 30 minutes. We will need to understand your product offering better and decide which Elepay product best suits your customers. Within a few days you can be offering Elepay to all your customers.